10 Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand.

With the evolution of online sources marketing has changed over the years, but one thing that has not changed is the power of ‘face-to-face events’. Marketing exhibitions have gained popularity over the years. We have all been to various trade shows or exhibitions and have seen ‘stands’ with boring draperies and dull backdrops. The exhibitors these days need to do something interesting to pull crowd to their stand or the booth. They cannot obviously physically drag people to their booths, so here are a few things you should keep in mind while putting up a stand in an exhibition.

1.Make your booth unique

Exhibitions are a large investment in both money and time. The first item you should spend your money on is “THE BOOTH” that will stand out and grab attention. Invest in a booth that can be reused. Additionally, select a booth that can be modified while maintaining its uniqueness.

2.Have a game or a competition

If there are two stands in an exhibition, one with a fun game (obviously related to the product or service) and another with just mundane brochures, which will you go to? To have a game or a competition is the most used tactic to increase the footfall at exhibitions. But one should take care that the competition is aligned with the product and/or brand. It should help to communicate the idea about the product that is being promoted. People are usually a big fan of those who offer services around their product as a reward, like “visit our stall and stand a chance to win free consultation”.

3.Give free demo

If you are spending on a trade show then your product is valuable. This is the place where you should demonstrate your product and show them why they should invest in your business or purchase your product. Show its key features and value that you can offer. If the audience can be involved, even better. More engaged the audience, the better it is.

4.Stay active on social media

Active social media presence before and during the show encourages the number of people to your stand. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be used. Live tweets and live video streaming helps boost the footfall and also pulls attention of those who are not at the exhibition. Those who are at the show can discover your presence and those who could not make it can feel your presence virtually at these sites. Make sure that you use the right hashtags so that people can sense your presence.

5.Photo booths

Photo booths are the latest addition to the fads of modern world. Taking pictures in fun and quirky photo booths and uploading them on social networking sites is enjoyed by all and also is an attractive way to grab people’s attention. Use themes related to your brand and/ or product

6.Use technology

Many modern technologies can be used to make your stand ‘visible’ to the visitors. Use of digital signage and large touch screens is a great way to attract people and grab their attention. These touch screens can be used to show various functions and features of the product or for an interactive game revolving around the product. Remember the main focus has to be on the product

7.Free Wi-Fi

This may sound childish but free Wi-Fi is enjoyed by all. Allow your attendees to enjoy the facility of free Wi-Fi and see a surge in the number of people coming to your stand. Now the smart move would be to attract people and grab everyone’s attention while they come in search for good connectivity. You can do this using some audio visuals or presentations and make them interested in your product even if they were there for just free Wi-Fi.

8.Giveaway samples

Giving away your product and service is also one of the famous tactics used in exhibitions and otherwise also. Let people use your product, give them an idea of the product and make them come back to you with either reviews or as customers (which I believe is the motive).

9. Q&A sessions/ AMA

Another way to engage visitors is by holding question and answer sessions or ‘ask me anything’. ‘Ask me anything’ is again an outcome of social networking sites. Many filmstars use this as a promotional activity, so can you, for your product. Let the audience ask questions or let people ask them through sites like Twitter, which by the way will further increase the popularity of your product.

10.Keep it original

Last but not the least is to try and keep the event as original as possible. Also, focus on the experience- sell and market the experience more than the product. Use new techniques and engage more people. The experience that people have should help them remember about the product always. Remember, there are events that are remembered and there are others, which one do you want to host?