• In the ever evolving and strenuous world managing a big commerce store is not a cake walk. Especially, as the amount of work and data produced in the work space on the daily basis is enormous. Using them effectively is the skill which every big commerce store owner should learn.

• In the booming technological world, where apps are created to serve our every purpose, it is quite obvious that smart big commerce store owners should switch to apps to make their work easier and efficient.

5 apps that can make work easier for the owners are:

1. Dropbox

Every big company faces space crunch and at the same time creates data in huge volumes. These innumerable data needs to be stored and synchronized for future references and probably get used simultaneously. Dropbox is an app that would make it easier for the big commerce stores to add and store data on cloud. They can even synchronize their files and own personal cloud space on this app. The owners can create folders with the data which Dropbox will synchronize and then this folder can be accessed to just as it is made, by using any electronic device that support Dropbox.


Big commercestores need to share information via conferences and presentation. In the era of technology, being physically present to do so is not necessary. TeamViewer is an app that makes remote controlling of the clients computer, sharing data, online conferencing etc easier. All the owners have to do is to have TeamViewer downloaded and installed in the client’s computer as well. Then, the ownwer requires the password generated for the client’s app to remote control and conduct online meetings as well.


Making and storing essential notes during meetings with big clients become of utmost importance when we talk about big commercestores. The perfect app for note making is Evernote. Evernote not only lets you store typed in data, but also allows attachments like images, handwritten notes, webpage excerpts, audio notes along with photographs for future need. This app makes any big company manager’s life a little less stressful during meetings.


Huge shipping contracts are taken by big commercestoresand any mismanagement in getting the right products to the right client can lead to defamation of the company as well. Thus to keep track of the shipment efficiently, one can use AfterShip. This app provides shipment tracking for online buyers and sellers. It automatically processes shipment orders from multiple clients flawlessly. It also helps the store as well as the client keep a track on the goods being shipped.


Big commercestoreshave inventories ordered and used in huge numbers daily. Inventory management is essential for successful and uninterrupted production of goods and services. Orderhive is apt for inventory management. It can track inventory levels in multiple branches of the company daily and help the owner have a sense of how well the resources are being managed. With this app installed, all of this can be done on one system effortlessly.