How to be an exhibition Stall-wart! .

Today businesses buy from businesses in the digital world, still an exhibition provides that one unique marketing advantage/opportunity to meet your potential customer personally and build a rapport. We all know how priceless that is

First, organiser’s rules and regulations; Read the documents carefully, as nobody wants an embarrassment at the venue

Second, we need to define our customers, all the people coming to the event aren’t your target customer and attracting all of them will just prove to be a waste of precious time and money.

Third, Identify what products you may want to display on the basis of our target customers. It is important that what we display should generate interest in the eyes of the customer subsequently pulling them towards the stall

Fourth, the design and theme of your stall will decide whether your stall has a welcoming vibe or a distorting one. You may use some simple posters, decorate walls with foam boards, use textile based walls, etc. This should be defined early so that you can estimate the cost and start developing the design.

Fifth, product placement; where and how your merchandise will be displayed. It can be either be placed outside the stall for customers to quickly browse through your offering, or you could place your merchandise inside the stall pulling them inside the stall and giving you the opportunity to close the sale and establish a relationship.

Sixth, Stall placement; an exhibition is usually large and customers need to walk to find what they might be looking for. It pays to place your stall right the front or somewhere in the middle, as nobody wants a ‘tired’ customer coming to the stall.

Seventh, do make friends with your neighbors; yes, they are going to be busy as you are but they may be your ‘wingman’ as one would say. Why? Well, you may need a spare power cable, or adhesive tape and so may they! You will want other non-competing exhibitors to refer visitors to your stand when appropriate.

Eighth, Please don’t pounce on your visitors; some visitors will know exactly what they are looking for or may not know what they were looking for, at