Our Company

We all have one thing in common, TIME. In a way, that all of us have exact same 24 hours everyday and yet we complain we run out of time. What if you could save some time? What if, you had some extra time? What would you do?

Have you ever thought having time by your side, you can achieve anything in this world? YES! Time really matters because ‘time is money’ and every time you are losing your time, you are losing your money and more you lose your money, more you’ll lose on competition.

If you want your business to grow you riches and fortunes you got to make sure that you can control time and not let time control you, we are here to make your business better, So that you can buy some more time.

With our website NuCatalog.com you will experience a new way of doing your business. When it comes to fashion and apparels, shopkeepers travel around the world to bring the best pieces to their window. It takes more than a day, sometimes even more than a week to go all out and pick the best dresses to add beauty to their collection.

Even on the other side of the horizon the grass is not greener. While the shopkeeper is on the hunt for the dresses, the supplier is also on his own marathon trying to sell his best pieces to potential buyers. They too travel a lot carrying loads of dresses to their buyers with a hope that rests only on the demand.

Isn’t it curious that both want to find each other yet, both are lost. This happens because we are the world’s second largest consumer market and this makes the market dynamics more complicated.

The world of apparels is no surprise, there more than thousands of brands working within a much complex web. Due to this widespread network, there comes add on difficulties to already difficult apparel business. So, in an attempt to make your work easier, we decide to change the way this market works. We call for a more organised structure which will be reliable, efficient and time saving.

We bring you a platform where you can carry out wholesale business at one place. Our website attempts to bring all the forces of market to your fingertips. A web based solution that will have all the supplier and all the wholeseller come under one roof. You don’t need to travel anymore, only your products will travel. When retailing can be online then why can’t wholeselling be?

You can be at your own ease and at your own place and yet access everything you used to, before. The business still runs the same way but, much better because it is more organised now. You can meet your supplier or your buyers ( as the casemay be) online, order online, get you products delivered on time. All this and no more travelling.

Now that you have saved your time on travelling, you have also saved your money on travel. So go ahead and turn the time around!